Looking back

This is what has been on my worktable at the Overseas Office this week –

sort of the same as last week, but a little further along!  Now finished since taking this photo and waiting to be pressed, final showing next week.  I’m not sure if my  sewjo has been fully restored yet but I’ve revisited (via old picture files) some still-unfinished projects that are patiently waiting their turn back at the Rural Office and given some consideration as to what it will take to finish them, whether there is any point in finishing them and all those sort of imponderables.  For instance, this quilt top, thrown together more than a decade ago for a Chris&Barbara workshop, it just needs quilting and binding –

I’d prefer to hand quilt this one, which is probably why it got put aside in the first place.  Hand quilting doesn’t have to be complex, close-spaced or complicated but even simple pared-back hand quilting isn’t done in a day.  I think I’ll plan to pick up several reels of quilting thread from the Rural Office and bring this top back to the Overseas Office later in the year.

Future online plans include a Tentmaker style applique class/presentation/lecture –

and an Antique Rose Star hand piecing class –

I might even get to the heady heights of offering a Whigs Defeat hand piecing class –

Time to get back to stitching!

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