Seeing red

A slightly silly, but not entirely ridiculous, plan has been brewing this week – the following pictures may give you a clue –

I’m sure you can guess what it is!  Above are some of the sample blocks I have made for classes over the past 6months.  All seem to have a common colour palette, dictated by the size of the Overseas Stash and my current choices.  Back at the Rural Office there are a number of other sample blocks made for classes over the past ten years.  Why not gather them all up and find a way of putting them all together in one top?  Not quite an ordered sampler quilt you understand, more of an acceptable jumble.  Maybe with sashing strips, maybe with pieced sashings or frames and strips.  So over the next few days I’ll be filling a new project bag with as many of these sample blocks as I can find, adding a note to remind me of the plan and putting the bag Somewhere Safe so that it is returned to the Rural Office in due course.  Off to find a suitable bag ….

2 thoughts on “Seeing red”

  1. I love acceptable jumble quilts. Yours will be super. And writing a note to remind you of the plan? Priceless.

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