New-fangled stuff imposed by WordPress has made this week’s post almost impossible to put together.  One long-standing and now VERY unhappy user.  So forgive me if this is short and the images disproportionately sized –  I need to do some background research to see if/how I can revert to the system that didn’t need fixing.  

Quilting thoughts and activity this week have been based around the current project, shown below under construction last year – 

Initial tight-to-all- the-seams quilting is now under way (First Pass) and I’m starting to look ahead to what might be next (Second Pass). I’ve marked out about half the block using my Chaco-liner. You can probably see that all the perimeter of the main shape and the inside edge of the block has already been quilted.

This is going to be quite a lot of quilting for no obvious effect, but I have found over the past decade or so that this is what I prefer and I feel it is worth doing. So “on the ditch” rather than in it! Once this Second Pass is complete I will consider adding quilting 1/4inch away from the seams on the larger shapes (Pass Three). Regular readers may recall that I used this strategy for the sampler quilt and diamond table runner finished last year –

Hoping to be reporting more positively next week!

3 thoughts on “Enraged!”

  1. I use blogger, starting around 2006 and they recently forced me to change to the new improved blogger. I’d noticed having a few issues so finally gave in. Like you, so many things I didn’t think needed “improving” and it took a lot of my time to get things customized to my liking. Thank goodness for a community member that figured out how I could solve an issue with font type and size, something I’d been struggling with for weeks. Apparently, more changes had been put in place since I’d switched over and those changes were what were causing me my issues in draft. Well, you get it – the constant need of these platforms to update and remodel and “fix” things that we users see no reason to fix is irritating and time consuming for the end user, which in spite of their line, I do not believe they have their interest at heart. Hope you can quickly figure out how to navigate the changes.

  2. I used the instructions in this link – so far it’s worked, except if you need to go back and edit a post, you’ll get that new block edit thing again. I keep telling myself I need to learn the new, but the old is SO much easier, especially uploading photos.

    Your quilt is lovely! I don’t think I’ve stopped there before, I’ll need to go back and check out your earlier quilts.

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