Marching on

Terrible pun, but sometimes these things need to be done. Thanks for all the sympathy and helpful tech info re my WordPress “improvement” annoyance, I’m managing at the moment but strongly in favour of moving over to in the near future.

On the stitching and quilting front it has been a week of preparation. Delved into a couple of scrap bags, wielded the glue pen and scissors and, from out of almost nothing, there is now a tightly packed bag of diamond shapes all ready to be basted. Hardly a dent in the scrap bags!

This is one of those “no idea” projects – no idea what it will look like, no idea when it will be finished. It began last August in one of my online classes when we were looking at 60degree diamonds, triangles etc and EPP.

These small diamond hexagons were so much fun to do that I thought it would be a Good Idea to make many more using scraps from the stash here at the Overseas Office as the starting point. And that’s as far as that Good Idea got at the time. But now I’ve ordered further supplies of papers and it seems that the time is approaching to continue with this Good Idea. Not forgetting the other Good Idea of assembling lots of sample blocks when we return to the Rural Office…. Wishing you lots of Good Ideas for the coming week!

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