Getting ready

Yet again, little visible stitching progress to show although there has been a lot of activity! We’re in the early stages of getting ready to return to the Rural Office so I’ve been trying to make the right decisions on which projects need to go and which ones can stay. The simplest strategy would be to take everything each time but that really isn’t practicable, so it does become a question of prioritising. So far I’ve stocked up two manageable bags with diamonds and triangles glued to their relevant papers in readiness for basting – a perfect task for travel.

The table runner I’ve shown here countless times is also going to be included in the Travel Stitching – there’s just one block remaining for Pass Two and then I can contemplate what might constitute Pass Three.

The blocks on my pinboard need to return to base to collect additional blocks and gather some setting ideas –

And, as I resolved in an earlier post, I’ve made a note to bring this quilt top from the Rural Office “still waiting” stack to the top of the pile for backing , batting and quilting –

On to another week – happy stitching!

2 thoughts on “Getting ready”

  1. Since I’m not British, I don’t know what you are referring to as the Rural Office and the other one. Can you explain the differences in one of your blogs? I’m American and haven’t heard those terms before. Love your blogs and look forward to your posting your progress. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jolene, the two “Offices” are my UK home (Rural Office) and our house in Spain (Overseas Office). This is a spill-over from the chrisandbarbaraquilts blog where we refer to several fictional and fanciful places that feature in our quilting world – C&B Towers, HQ, the Rural Office and the Overseas Office. Pics may feature in an upcoming blogpost, thanks for the suggestion!

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