Here or there?

As the packing/sorting continues for the transition from Overseas to Rural I thought you might forgive me for showing some glimpses of both locations. The Overseas Office, located in a very quiet part of southern Spain, has been an important part of my quilting life for the last six years. Here there’s lots of space and time to sit and stitch and we’re fortunate to be close to both coast and mountains.

The Rural Office has been our home for many years and comes with a considerable amount of history (back to 1630s). Room here for a tiny studio and a capacious walk-in cupboard filled with vintage quilts.

Happy stitching! see you soon.

3 thoughts on “Here or there?”

  1. What a lovely place to quilt. Thanks for sharing your quilting spaces. I didn’t know what overseas vs rural meant in relation to where you live/quilt. You’re very fortunate to have such lovely surroundings.

  2. Barbara What a beautiful place. I can see why you enjoy quilting at your lovely overseas place. Jean Rayford

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