More distraction

So you should be looking at the next stage of those red-theme blocks with framing strips duly added and the tentative start of new project involving those gorgeous antique fabric pieces. Instead, I’ve been spending time when I could have been sewing on further rummaging in storage crates for fabrics and projects half-remembered and half-forgotten. A set of quilting patterns taken from a 1850s quilt has surfaced again so I really must take them to be professionally scanned and resized

In the mid-1990s I was gifted a vintage hexagon quilt top and an old pillowcase containing a few fabric scraps. ( I’ll show you the quilt top when the Grand Sorting and Re-packing of The Cupboard takes place). These scraps were mostly glazed chintzes and, having encountered them again this week whilst in pursuit of an errant class sample, I’ve taken them out of hiding and put them near the investment pieces I showed last week.

Wonder how many more “treasures” will see the light of day by next week? Happy stitching!

3 thoughts on “More distraction”

  1. They look lovely. I wish there were more reproductions of those pretty pink florals. I could find a lot of uses of them.

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