Not quilting

I think I am very close to setting an all-time personal “worst” for not quilting, not sewing, not stitching for what feels like a LONG time. One worn shirt collar was turned yesterday and that’s about it for another week. Sad face. I’m putting the blame entirely on myself and being unduly influenced/overwhelmed by being in the presence of crates of ufo’s/wips/PHDs and a very full Quilt Cupboard. Just too many things requiring attention. So just some random pics from The Cupboard to look at while I wade back into the organising quagmire –

This quilt is about halfway down the front stack of quilts in The Cupboard, shown here is the reverse side.
This quilt is also in the front stack in The Cupboard – hoping to launder it in the better weather.
This quilt is near the top on my “record the pattern” list. The first quilt I bought and the first quilt I bought from Jen Jones in the very early 1980s.
This quilt is at the top of the second stack in The Cupboard – also on the launder list.
A “compare” shot – quilt by Amy Emms MBE, quilt by Unknown. Polyester satin fabric, polyester thread, polyester wadding; cotton sateen fabric, cotton thread, cotton wadding.
Another quilt from the second stack – will check re. laundering requirement.

Happy stitching!

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