More cording

Before the corded quilting samples get put away I thought I’d show just a few more close-ups – (still grappling with new(ish) phone camera)

This piece was going to be just corded but I ended up adding a very small amount of stuffing to the enclosed spaces and I was very pleased with the finished effect.

This sample is ready for a close-spaced and interesting background and I might just be in the right mood to do that, so I’m keeping this sample out on the worktable.
This was a sample I made to show the use and effectiveness of closely-spaced corded lines. You can also see at the left hand side that it is not advisable to have heavily stitched areas and open spaces – too much distortion. Better to have the same density of stitch across the whole piece.

And here’s the reverse side of a 1960’s piece of Italian quilting, complete with heavy ballpoint or carbon pattern markings. Now I’m off to gather up class notes, worksheets and patterns and write a Zoom lesson plan – coming soon!

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