Filling up

Quite a week! Everything in The Cupboard has been taken out, shaken out, straightened out, talked to, assessed, allocated a new, temporary, position and carefully returned. Lots of memories, lots of resolutions, lots of choices – quite a few of the wholecloth quilts will be looking for a new home in the next twelve months, and some made-by-me quilts will be going to an appropriate charity. No decisions yet about the collection of Tentmaker pieces but it’s possible some of those will be given the chance of another home too.

above – the fourth and final stack.
still some quilts to go!

Here are a few more of the quilts that have emerged and been returned to The Cupboard –

I’m hoping to make time to do some quilt archaeology – a few quilts are “re-covers” and I’ve always intended to do further investigation.

Kitchen cupboards are next on the agenda – probably not quite so appealing, but equally necessary!

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