Out of the box

Time has been spent on more sorting and delving into boxes – sometimes it feels very much like Eeyore’s broken balloon and jug – take everything out, handle everything, put everything back! Sometimes the odd helpful decision shows up and a project gets re-prioritised and moved to a different box. And sometimes everything just goes back into the box. . . .

My Antique Rose Star blocks have been in and out of any number of boxes since I made them just over ten years ago. I’ve shown them here several times and they have travelled hundreds, if not thousands, of miles between the Rural Office and the Overseas Office. The blocks have been on a teaching cruise and many other classes besides, quilts have been made (and finished) by many students – but my blocks have been resolute in remaining individuals in a stack rather than put together as a quilt. Maybe this year they will finally be put together and become a quilt top – I think I may have decided on a setting. Now all I have to do is delve into some other boxes in search of just the right fabrics . . .

This was one setting option I considered a while back –

Edge to edge setting looked great, but I would have needed to make a lot more blocks for a decent size quilt. Much as I loved this block I had “block burnout” after making eighteen! Which is why the spaced setting above had a lot of appeal in that the same number of blocks would make a large enough top.
So back to the boxes to find those fabrics!

3 thoughts on “Out of the box”

  1. Could you use plain blocks–either solid or print to alternate with the blocks you have for the second layout?

    1. Hi Sharon! I tried the alternating layout and, sadly, it was too dominant – all you saw were the alternating blocks and not the pieced blocks. Hopefully the smaller triangles required for the current plan will not be as attention-seeking!

  2. You know how much I love these. And they have inspired hundreds of quilters all over the world.

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