Something new…?

Another week gone by and now fully recovered from vaccine effects and at least one large bag of projects/stuff re-homed and put away. Maybe out of sight is out of mind but I definitely do better if I can keep the top surfaces in my sewing space relatively clear. It’s interesting how habits can change – I used not to mind clutter and my workspace was never terribly tidy. These days I prefer to walk into a tidy uncluttered space and try to keep it that way. And, of course, there is a difference between tidy and organised – I’m aiming to be both tidy and organised but it’s often a struggle! Awaiting their turn to be tidied and organised are the red-themed sample blocks made over the past two years.

I think I may have worked out the next step to progress this a little further. All the 6inch blocks would benefit from a simple frame, same size strips for all blocks using a variety of predominantly red prints. This will be easy and mindless stitching with no pressure!

While putting things away I remembered to pull out a fabric “investment” I made several years ago – modest-sized pieces of vintage fabrics that were totally irresistible. Acquired for the sheer joy of ownership, these may now have the chance to star in their very own project –

I hope to be able to show you the first step next week … happy stitching!

Getting ready

Yet again, little visible stitching progress to show although there has been a lot of activity! We’re in the early stages of getting ready to return to the Rural Office so I’ve been trying to make the right decisions on which projects need to go and which ones can stay. The simplest strategy would be to take everything each time but that really isn’t practicable, so it does become a question of prioritising. So far I’ve stocked up two manageable bags with diamonds and triangles glued to their relevant papers in readiness for basting – a perfect task for travel.

The table runner I’ve shown here countless times is also going to be included in the Travel Stitching – there’s just one block remaining for Pass Two and then I can contemplate what might constitute Pass Three.

The blocks on my pinboard need to return to base to collect additional blocks and gather some setting ideas –

And, as I resolved in an earlier post, I’ve made a note to bring this quilt top from the Rural Office “still waiting” stack to the top of the pile for backing , batting and quilting –

On to another week – happy stitching!

Marching on

Terrible pun, but sometimes these things need to be done. Thanks for all the sympathy and helpful tech info re my WordPress “improvement” annoyance, I’m managing at the moment but strongly in favour of moving over to in the near future.

On the stitching and quilting front it has been a week of preparation. Delved into a couple of scrap bags, wielded the glue pen and scissors and, from out of almost nothing, there is now a tightly packed bag of diamond shapes all ready to be basted. Hardly a dent in the scrap bags!

This is one of those “no idea” projects – no idea what it will look like, no idea when it will be finished. It began last August in one of my online classes when we were looking at 60degree diamonds, triangles etc and EPP.

These small diamond hexagons were so much fun to do that I thought it would be a Good Idea to make many more using scraps from the stash here at the Overseas Office as the starting point. And that’s as far as that Good Idea got at the time. But now I’ve ordered further supplies of papers and it seems that the time is approaching to continue with this Good Idea. Not forgetting the other Good Idea of assembling lots of sample blocks when we return to the Rural Office…. Wishing you lots of Good Ideas for the coming week!


New-fangled stuff imposed by WordPress has made this week’s post almost impossible to put together.  One long-standing and now VERY unhappy user.  So forgive me if this is short and the images disproportionately sized –  I need to do some background research to see if/how I can revert to the system that didn’t need fixing.  

Quilting thoughts and activity this week have been based around the current project, shown below under construction last year – 

Initial tight-to-all- the-seams quilting is now under way (First Pass) and I’m starting to look ahead to what might be next (Second Pass). I’ve marked out about half the block using my Chaco-liner. You can probably see that all the perimeter of the main shape and the inside edge of the block has already been quilted.

This is going to be quite a lot of quilting for no obvious effect, but I have found over the past decade or so that this is what I prefer and I feel it is worth doing. So “on the ditch” rather than in it! Once this Second Pass is complete I will consider adding quilting 1/4inch away from the seams on the larger shapes (Pass Three). Regular readers may recall that I used this strategy for the sampler quilt and diamond table runner finished last year –

Hoping to be reporting more positively next week!

Another week

The week has vanished! and now there’s another one!!  Visible productivity and progress at the lower end of the scale (I seem to say this every week – sigh) but somehow in the present circumstances it doesn’t seem to be terribly important.  I’ve finished a long term crochet project, woven all the ends in, blocked and put it away for next winter.  One of those projects which, when you actually get in the mood, goes fairly quickly and and you wonder why it took you so long to get around to it.  Come to think of it, most of the projects waiting here at the Overseas Office fall into exactly this category!

Here’s what’s on my worktable at the moment –

maybe a sample block, no definite purpose –

another sample block, (needs a press) my design and the ultimate in “low volume” stitching –

top left, cut pieces for this month’s Electric Quilt Doodles over on the chrisandbarbaraquilts blog; top right, scraps picked out from stash as possible choices for the next border on the Western Sun block lower left.

On into February – happy stitching!


Got started!

Only modest stitching progress this week, but some is better than none! And there has been a lot of background “stuff” that has needed attention – Zoom meetings, Zoom classes, all things quilt and Zoom related, plus lots of Zoom meetings with friends and family, and a LOT of shuffling and sorting through the many and various projects that are awaiting their turn for some attention here at the Overseas Office.  The shuffling and sorting has been necessary as I am still hunting for my mislaid sewjo and it just might be lurking in one of the project bags – it hasn’t come to light yet but I’m hopeful.  So here’s the stitching – outline quilting of the blocks well under way in the first pic and a border going on a sample to turn it into a cushion panel in the second.


Might need to consider a visit to the opticians once we get back to the Rural Office – I really hadn’t noticed that both of these pics are just sufficiently out of focus as to be annoying!  Time to return to a good tasklight and reading glasses…..


Super fast?

or super slow?  The past week has flown by, superfast.  The amount of actual stitching has been – superslow.  But more scrap stash has been closely examined and picked through at length to find just the right pieces for a class sample block – you can probably guess the block from the photo below

A few more 4patch blocks have been made and put away for future use – maybe this setting, maybe not.

And the rest of the week has been filled with online “stuff” and planning for (say it quietly) 2021.  Happy stitching!

Small things

The no-deadline squares/4patch/who knows project is sitting in it’s designated bag and is off to a good start with a dozen or so 4patch blocks pieced and all the squares marked ready for stitching.  A distinct bonus was the discovery of 2 more packs of pre-cut squares lurking in the further corners of the Overseas Office stash.  So there are enough squares now to make almost anything, which is an excellent situation to be in!

Over on the online classes/Zoom front we are currently having a lot of fun with 6inch simple blocks – here’s my  Ohio Star sample in the making for this week –

More techie stuff too – switching/upgrading phone, iPad, wrestling with the parts of Windows10 that no-one wants to deal with, GoPro-type camera, inner workings of Zoom, ditto WordPress/website, yadda yadda.  Not as quick to work things out as I used to be!

A quick shoutout to Barbara Black ( who is doing wonderful things with Facebook Live sessions and will have a dedicated exhibit of her wonderful quilts in the virtual Quilt Festival December 3rd – 5th.

And not forgetting my good friend Debbie Wendt ( who has taken technology by the scruff and is doing all sorts of classes and presentations on Zoom and Facebook.

Back to the drawing board for me!!




Not quite Square One

Over on the Chris&Barbara blog this year we’ve had a long-running series of Scrappy Sunday posts covering all things scrappy – from squares to diamonds to hexagons to strips and lots of things inbetween.  The series is due to finish in December and my contribution seems to have arrived back at squares again.

Squares have featured strongly in my online class  this year and will doubtless show up in online classes next year.  And how useful are squares for quilted texture? –

A number of ideas are percolating and the stitching mojo has been seen in the distance – more next week!

Little things

Relatively little stitching this past week.  With new plans in place and everything feeling good the stitching/quilting mojo just up and left without leaving a note to explain why.  So lots of work in the garden and the kitchen instead.  Thanks to my class of Intrepid Pioneers who lifted my spirits and cheered me on.  We looked at various six inch blocks, revisited simple four-patches and I did get as far as laying out this block after the class session –

I’m going to offer a regular short Zoom session as a quilting meetup – not a formal class but just to touch base in real time and talk quilts and quilting.  Let me know if this would be of interest to you – I think it could be fun.

Happy stitching!