Changing my mind

I’m sure I’m not alone in having some really long-term Projects in Progress but there is one that has been worked on, considered, put away, brought back out, worked on some more, considered, put away more times than it deserves.

The Sawtooth Star blocks are all hand-pieced – no big deal – and were used as class samples for several years because I couldn’t decide what else to do with them.  Set them together, in strips, with spacer blocks, on point, with sashing ….  Ran out of suitable fabrics, couldn’t find anything else that looked right to use as spacers, sashings, borders.  Back into the bag.

Taught a few classes on the Whigs Defeat block, made a sample, put that away (in a bag).

Several years later I pulled both bags out together almost by accident and realised that it might be possible to combine everything into one single piece.  Set everything out on the floor, took pictures, put everything into one bag, put the bag away “for the moment”.

The scene shifts to another year and the bag moves from the Rural Office to the Overseas Office.  Set all the blocks out on the floor, make some changes to the previous plan, take another picture, start stitching blocks together, put everything back into the bag and leave the bag at the Overseas Office.

Another year goes by, return to the Overseas Office, take out bag, set out joined blocks on the design floor, pick up remaining blocks and stitch them together.  Forget to check reference pictures.  Spot the mistake.  Put strips of blocks back into the bag, leave at the Overseas Office.

Now it’s 2020 and the bag is opened once more and it’s contents laid out on the design floor at the Overseas Office.  All that remains is to stitch the strips of blocks into place ….  but I no longer like the layout.  Not even remotely.  Anguished sigh!

So, just when I thought I might actually move this to a completed top, I’m going to be doing a considerable amount of reverse stitching and then cutting plain muslin squares and strips for spacer blocks and fresh sashing.  Heading for the seam ripper ….   happy stitching!