I should be quilting …

… but instead have found myself almost ankle-deep in yet another handpiecing project.  One of those Topsy-like projects that begin innocuously enough with a few scraps, quarters and eighths of repro. fabrics – some left over from previous projects, others yet to get involved, and indulging a passing whim to try out a particular pattern or block.  This time it’s an addictive tessellating kite shape – you’ll have seen it on other blogs and in various magazines and books – three kites = one triangle, three triangles = one larger triangle, six larger triangles = one hexagon and, well, you get the general idea. I first saw a quilt made with this block in the late 80s in the much-lamented US magazine Ladies Circle Patchwork Quilts.  The template & pattern I’ve acquired for “Antique Rose” is from Material Obsession via Petra Prins.  Here’s the journey over the last few days –

mark and cut out shapes

then arrange a section

which then becomes

then you find yourself marking stitching lines on two adjacent sides – this really seems to work well

then plunge further on and check the final outcome with a couple of mirrors –

Even better, at this point a long-standing quilting pal shows up and pronounces that this looks too good to be just for me – she wants to work with this shape and block too, only by machine.  Thanks for the boost Chris – exactly what was needed to get to the next stage!

Spurred on by Chris’s enthusiasm, I couldn’t resist fiddling around with the mirrors and looking at a couple of possibilities using the same shapes

Then we move to the essential set-up of a temporary sewing space at the kitchen table – note the vital items to hand!

Several readers will not be at all surprised by the arrival of another non-sewing essential –

– and, yes, he really does insist on being that close!

So from here it’s all moving on, more pieces cut out (enough for 4 mega-hexagons – they measure 16inches across when complete), 72 pieces and 7 fabrics per hexagon.

300+ pieces marked, cut and stitching lines marked in a very short space of time (ok, yesterday).  At least I’ll be well prepared with something to pick up in all those spare moments …

This week I’ll be teaching at Ardington School of Craft, so it looks like being several days of quilting, handpiecing and generally having a good time – what could be better?