Quilted texture

Don’t you just love the texture of quilting? These details are from the first quilt I bought from Jen Jones (almost 40 years ago!) – it was a faded treasure back then and I still treasure it today.

The quilting design is easier to “read” on the reverse of the quilt –

Quilt 60inches x 50inches dates to circa 1900, twill weave furnishing weight fabric front and back, wool wadding.


Picking up the pieces

Looks like a very different start to April – we are here in the UK waiting out Covid19, hoping everyone is safe and that there are better days to come.   While waiting there will be lots of time for stitching, so I decided that this would be a good idea –

Quilt top made for hand stitching classes at The Corner Patch in 2018 –

It has felt really good to set up my traditional quilt frame again.  8foot long rails and 3foot stretchers, the wood is English ash and despite the size very simple to assemble.  The frame was made for me in the early 1980s by  the late Arthur Warner and was a Christmas present from my husband.

Let’s see where this goes …