Something new…?

Another week gone by and now fully recovered from vaccine effects and at least one large bag of projects/stuff re-homed and put away. Maybe out of sight is out of mind but I definitely do better if I can keep the top surfaces in my sewing space relatively clear. It’s interesting how habits can change – I used not to mind clutter and my workspace was never terribly tidy. These days I prefer to walk into a tidy uncluttered space and try to keep it that way. And, of course, there is a difference between tidy and organised – I’m aiming to be both tidy and organised but it’s often a struggle! Awaiting their turn to be tidied and organised are the red-themed sample blocks made over the past two years.

I think I may have worked out the next step to progress this a little further. All the 6inch blocks would benefit from a simple frame, same size strips for all blocks using a variety of predominantly red prints. This will be easy and mindless stitching with no pressure!

While putting things away I remembered to pull out a fabric “investment” I made several years ago – modest-sized pieces of vintage fabrics that were totally irresistible. Acquired for the sheer joy of ownership, these may now have the chance to star in their very own project –

I hope to be able to show you the first step next week … happy stitching!

Another week

The week has vanished! and now there’s another one!!  Visible productivity and progress at the lower end of the scale (I seem to say this every week – sigh) but somehow in the present circumstances it doesn’t seem to be terribly important.  I’ve finished a long term crochet project, woven all the ends in, blocked and put it away for next winter.  One of those projects which, when you actually get in the mood, goes fairly quickly and and you wonder why it took you so long to get around to it.  Come to think of it, most of the projects waiting here at the Overseas Office fall into exactly this category!

Here’s what’s on my worktable at the moment –

maybe a sample block, no definite purpose –

another sample block, (needs a press) my design and the ultimate in “low volume” stitching –

top left, cut pieces for this month’s Electric Quilt Doodles over on the chrisandbarbaraquilts blog; top right, scraps picked out from stash as possible choices for the next border on the Western Sun block lower left.

On into February – happy stitching!


Under way

Happy to report that quilting has actually started on this – hopefully some progress to show next time.

A couple of other things are asking for some time to be spent with them –

and there is a certain amount of weekly “admin” to do – always better for coloured markers, squared paper and a large cup of tea!

A random selection from the Overseas Office bookshelf is ready to dip into in between times – “How to Bullet Plan” was acquired in 2017 and is highly recommended for all stationery and control freaks!

Over on the ChrisandBarbara blog ( ) we have just started a series of Tile Tuesday posts – tiles historical, contemporary, decorative and downright inspirational.  Pop over and take a look.


Not quite Square One

Over on the Chris&Barbara blog this year we’ve had a long-running series of Scrappy Sunday posts covering all things scrappy – from squares to diamonds to hexagons to strips and lots of things inbetween.  The series is due to finish in December and my contribution seems to have arrived back at squares again.

Squares have featured strongly in my online class  this year and will doubtless show up in online classes next year.  And how useful are squares for quilted texture? –

A number of ideas are percolating and the stitching mojo has been seen in the distance – more next week!