Piecing and packing

Far too long between blog posts – life does get in the way sometimes.  This week it’s off to Malvern for Quilts UK and then off to Heathrow for a second stab at getting to Jordan – if the volcanic ash doesn’t stop us again – so lots of  stacking and packing of  quilts, samples and clothes, printing of patterns and brochures, gathering of important stitching projects, books and so on. 

Last week I spent a happy day with quilters in Leeswood showing them some of the possibilities from the Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters book – a lovely group of ladies  (and wonderful cake) so I’m including some pictures here to spur them on to finish their blocks and tops –

This is a sampler style quilt that Cynthia had made at an earlier “Fast Quilts” class at Castle Court Quilter – doesn’t it look good?

– hawk-eyed readers will spot the V&A repro print in the 4 corner squares of this stack of blocks.

A different look for the same King’s Crown block – and those owls are just irresistible!

The contents of the quilt cupboard have not been forgotten and I hope to share another quilt soon.  In the meantime here’s a corner of a small quilt made by Amy Emms MBE – this quilt is near the top of the cupboard and was a gift from Himself (the most patient of men, as some of you know) when I was the first recipient of the Amy Emms Award at Quilts UK.  More about Amy another time, enjoy the picture –

6 thoughts on “Piecing and packing”

  1. That looks a veritable feast set before you. How different the blocks look with their alternative colourways. Love the quilting Barbara and how lucky to have such a treasure in your collection. Your husband sounds a treasure too. I may see you at Malvern.

  2. Everyone’s blocks look so different and there are so many interesting colourways. You are so lucky, not only is he patient but so generous too. I aspire to be able to quilt like that but I think I need to practice.

  3. Lovely to see you haven’t disappeared :o) Good luck getting to Jordan. If it is any consolation, I am still flat hunting, and try as I might I can’t blame that on the volcanic ash!

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