Adding a curve

A super simple little 4patch project came to the top of the “to be quilted” pile.  It’s been waiting several years for no particular reason and my plan was that simple piecing often requires simple quilting.  After my recent disappointment with not quilting in a hoop I decided that a hoop or frame would definitely be my choice for this project.

So quilting time this week has progressed from outline quilting on the main seams (Pass One) to easy straight lines crossing the 4patches (Pass Two) and on to pumpkin seed shapes in the open squares (Pass Three).

Pass Four will probably be further lines in the 4patches and the pumpkin seed squares and then Pass Five will be the two narrow borders – maybe a zigzag, maybe a single cable.  One thing is certain – the curves of the pumpkin seed motif really contrast well with all the straight lines.

Happy quilting!

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